TMCnet in Top 500 Sites in Blogosphere

Today I sent an email to the TMC team regarding how TMCnet ranks on URLFAN, a site which tracks rankings of websites in the blogosphere. The lower the URLFAN ranking the better and I am happy to say thank you to the blogosphere for allowing TMCnet to rank in the top 500 of all sites — 479 to be precise.

These rankings are generated by the total number of links on blogs so the more links a site gets, the better/lower the score.

Here is the precise wording from the company’s site:

Our system parses the millions of blog posts that are generated everyday, literally counting every mention of every website we come across. We filter out spam, broken links, and other various material to determine how many times your website was mentioned today. We reference this against every other website and determine where you rank among them. Every website ranked here at ://URLFAN displays exactly where and when we found a mention of it so that the ranking is 100% transparent. You may sign up to receive an e-mail every time we find a mention of any website.

Here is a table of how TMCnet ranks in comparison to other sites you may be familiar with. In addition, it is worth pointing out that according to URLFAN, these rankings are out of a total of almost 3 million sites which they track.

LA Times

Thanks again to all TMC team members and the bloggers and readers who have supported TMC and TMCnet — allowing us to rank so well. And as always, you have our commitment to provide you with the most diverse assortment of high quality articles and blog entries going forward.

So thanks again and keep linking away.

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