Use 3G on Mount Everest


In the past year we have had one TMC team member take a hike up Mount Everest – and if you know me – you know I asked – do they have 3G there? Well, it turns out they did have satellite powered WiFi at base camp. Thankfully for the people of Nepal and the thousands of tourists – the situation has improved. Nepali telecom company Ncell, together with its parent company TeliaSonera, just launched Nepal’s first 3G services at the base camp of the mountain at 17,388 feet.

There is no word if satellite-powered Internet is still available and I for one am happy to know I can be connected even when hiking a few miles in the air.

Call me impatient – but will they have 4G soon? Cool

Tracey Schelmetic has more on TMCnet and James Lamont has more on the Financial Times.

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