Dell Tablet Ad Takes on Apple and Android

Microsoft is having a tough time this holiday season – lets face it, Wal-Mart alone sold 1.4 million tablets on Thanksgiving. This is exactly why the company and its hardware retail partners and Intel desperately need a piece of the tablet pie.

The result? The companies finally put out an ad – really its a Dell ad for the Venue 8 Pro which is worth watching. It features a traveler on an airplane who has no space and is still able to work with his office apps and more.

I am left wondering though – since Microsoft is now the proud owner of Skype – a consumer technology which could entice potential buyers, why not mention it in the ad somewhere? Just a thought.

Take a look – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Also check out the Scroogled ad Microsoft recently ran which pokes holes in the Chromebook computer.

It really seems the incumbent providers have finally woken up and are prepared to fight. Now the question will be whether buyers are ready to give up Apple and Android in favor of Microsoft and Dell.

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