Today’s Radisys: An Exciting and Diverse Telecom Solutions Provider

Radisys has become one of the most exciting and diverse telecom solutions companies in the market. They are not just on the leading-edge, they are enabling customers to be there with them. In addition, they are allowing their core audience of carriers to take advantage of more open solutions which allow them to provide more efficient 5G, IoT and other solutions.

Radisys Engage Video Assistant - the world's first app-less AI-powered 3-in-1 (video, voice, text) bot for digital customer interactions (Photo: Business Wire)

The most exciting product from the company is their Engage Video Assistant – The World’s First AI-Powered Video, Voice and Text Enabled Bot. No app is required by the end-user for this to work.

“Video is a proven way to create greater immersion, increase click-throughs, and convert connections to purchases,” said Al Balasco, vice president, communications solutions, Radisys. “Engage Video Assistant is the first digital engagement bot application to combine video, voice and text seamlessly to provide ubiquitous and customizable brand and customer service reach for B2B and B2C customer interactions anywhere, anytime.”

A few benefits of the technology are as follows:

  • Humanize existing calls and interactive mobile or voice apps with video while maintaining an authentic visual brand persona.
  • Create video FAQs for new product launches or common customer support issues.
  • Enhance existing bots and cumbersome IVR solutions.

The company has made it easy to program your video bot as well – they call it Democratization of AI which by the way is one of our definitions of the Future of Work. The idea is that AI will continue to boost human productivity like all other technologies before it like the mainframe, PC and software like Microsoft Word, Excel, Zoom, Slack, etc.

This product is part of the company’s Digital Engagement Solutions which also includes the Engage Media Server – a media processing powerhouse serving a variety of IP communication infrastructure roles. It functions as an IMS MRF, conference bridge server, an advanced speech processor and more.

Other areas of strength include hardware solutions, services and converged access solutions. This last area has been interesting as of late as it related to open systems and allowing carriers to benefit from best-in-breed software solutions on white-box or commoditized hardware.

Radisys has been a big player in software-driven, open networks, supporting the following:

O-RAN Alliance which is driving disaggregation through the delivery of open reference architectures and standardized interfaces targeted at the Radio Access Network (RAN).

Telecom Infra Project (TIP) is focused on accelerating the pace of innovation for disaggregating and simplifying the network. The O-RAN Alliance and TIP recently announced that they are aligning on the development of interoperable open RAN solutions to further support interoperability and enable commercial deployment.  

Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is enabling disaggregation for both the mobile RAN access and for broadband access. One of its new initiatives is the SDN Enabled Broadband Access (SEBA) initiative which enables broadband service providers to use mature open source software and white-box hardware.  

They also are a critical player in ensuring industry plugfests take place smoothly – allowing over 35 vendors to interoperate.

In a recent exclusive interview with CEO Arun Bhikshesvaran, he told us they have had their first full year as part of Reliance Industries, India’s largest private sector company.

“Operators trust us to handle their systems integration,” he said.

Radisys CEO, CEO Arun Bhikshesvaran

We asked about how he sees the 5G opportunity and he explained it is typically high value in industrial settings such as medical and transportation.

“You need flexible enough systems to get disaggregation to work,” he exclaimed. “As long as network functions are microservices-architecture based, different components can scale differently.”

The company is positioned well as even competitive startups typically license their stack.

“We have domain competence in telco and the core technology,” he exclaimed. “We have full insight into how software behaves and is tuned. We also have a sister relationship with premier operator (referring to Reliance).

We know how things work and which services make performance stand out. We also have deep competence beyond Systems Integration.

Radisys CEO Arun Bhikshesvaran

Going forward, the company aims to become even larger and stronger by leveraging their footprint for global business. In addition, they will have an even better position in 5G, fixed broadband and IoT. Finally, they will be associated with 2-3 more parts of the network.

In short – we are impressed with the growth at Radisys and the diverse set of spaces they not only play in but lead. Telecom is highly complex – as are back-office systems. They have deep domain expertise in these areas and have evolved into video AI chatbots, typically a different area of expertise. All of these spaces tie in together, mixed-reality, AI, chatbots, video, edge, etc. Moreover, carriers need to understand and play in all of them. This is why we really believe this company is positioned for nice growth going forward – especially as they leverage their different business units to cross-sell their solutions.

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