Guident to Provide AI Teleoperation Service to Bestmile’s Fleet Orchestration Platform

Technology has been improving vehicles for many years. Anyone who remembers the need to pump the gas to start a car but being careful not to flood the carburetor knows how things improved when fuel injection and computer controls were introduced.

The amazing thing is – we have gone from the 1970s and 80s when cars often took some effort to start, to modern times when cars start so reliably, they can turn off at traffic lights to save fuel, knowing they will always start back up.

Teslas’s incredible growth in valuation and today’s news of Nikola receiving a $2 billion investment from GM just furthers what we instinctively know. Tech will continue to improve and transform the auto market.

Guident develops software solutions for autonomous vehicles and ground-based delivery drones utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms. and they recently announced the formation and execution of a strategic Alliance with Bestmile USA Inc.

The alliance will include providing Guident’s patented, advanced teleoperation for autonomous and human-driven vehicles to enhance customer safety and security in addition to a reliable, low-latency connection to any advanced mobile network solution. This strategic alliance is a key milestone for both companies to address a critical need in the autonomous vehicle ecosystem.

Harald Braun is the Chairman & CEO of Guident

Harald Braun is the Chairman & CEO of Guident – you may remember him as one of the leading voices for advanced wireless communications applications via IMS, the communications standard so popular over a decade ago. Many of the advanced applications Harald espoused at the time are finally coming to market via apps on phones.

Harald’s latest venture fills an important space in the market. Autonomous vehicles need cutting-edge AI to enable safe transportation. Moving vehicles have a lot of information to take in, process, and analyze and must instantly make calculations that could cause injury if not perfect. Yet, we all want vehicles to travel as quickly as they can to ensure faster transportation and delivery.

We are excited about this new partnership as it paves the way for faster deliveries, digital transformation and of course, the future of transportation.


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