Sixgill Sense 3.0 Marries MLOps to IoT, Cameras and Devices

Sixgill vetted Sense 3.0 is designed to be a complete, highly flexible, extensible and scalable platform that unites all of the capabilities needed for successful, cost-effective AI projects, with MLOps for rich, sophisticated IoT applications that any organization can maintain.


The company has been in the news a great deal lately. Our colleague Ken Briodagh broke the news about how the company tracking equipment via data automation to help with Covid-19. We covered the company’s real-world blockchain solutions last fall.


The solution allows you to attach cameras – use schedules to capture critical hours of the day, map devices on maps, manage cameras in groups and add sound, sensors and compound devices for sophisticated sensor fusion.

Module testing lets you preview model performance on top of live video – you can then deploy when you know the model is working. There is continuous machine learning throughout the collect, detect, label, and train lifecycle as incoming video automatically becomes training data.

Finally, there is complete centralized management of edge-deployed ML assets.

Rules can be built based on detections allowing actions to be taken such as sending alerts or capturing clips at key intervals. You can be notified when changes occur or objects of interest are identified.


The solution works very well in applications such as construction, transportation, smart cities, smart buildings, warehouse logistics and hospitality.

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