Virtana VirtualWisdom 6.3 adds Capacity Auditor, Dynamic Entity Insights, Integrations, Reports and Metrics

Virtana is a leader in hybrid infrastructure management for mission-critical workloads, providing comprehensive hybrid IT infrastructure monitoring and real-time, AI-powered analytics for the modern enterprise data center. The company’s solutions give IT operations teams deep workload visibility and actionable insights into their end-to-end systems that support mission-critical applications.

We broke the news on October 21st that the company name changed from Virtual Instruments to Virtana which stands for Virtual Instruments Realtime Analytics and Automation.

At the time we told you:

Virtana’s VirtualWisdom, WorkloadWisdom and new CloudWisdom platforms form the foundation of next-generation hybrid infrastructure management. Virtana platforms enable dramatically accelerated problem resolution; efficient management of capacity and cost; and intelligent automated workload placement.

The company has just rolled out its latest version of VirtualWisdom, the hybrid IT infrastructure management and AIOps platform for mission-critical workloads. Version 6.3 continues the company’s push into capacity management with global storage array analytics, an expanded range of integrations, and new portable reports and dashboards.

Managing cost, performance, and capacity of crucially important and disparate workloads, operating at web-scale, has never been more complex or important.

Virtana’s solutions allow users to gain the insights and operational control that delivers efficient, cost-effective operation. This is accomplished via real-time visibility, automated discovery, AI-powered analytics, and rapid access to best-practice solutions that proactively solve infrastructure-related performance and capacity issues for critical applications.

VirtualWisdom provides real-time, data-driven recommendations to speed problem resolution, automate workload optimization, free-up capacity, and ensure resource availability. AI-powered capacity forecasting helps organizations avoid capacity-driven problems before they can happen, and AI-powered workload optimization keeps applications operating within SLAs.

George Crump, President and Founder of Storage Switzerland

“To provide organizations with a competitive advantage, IT needs to use and manage their resources efficiently. IT professionals need tools to enable them to quickly resolve problems, even as the infrastructure becomes increasingly more complex. They also need to automate as many of the mundane IT tasks as possible,” said George Crump, President and Founder of Storage Switzerland. “Powered by AI/ML capabilities, VirtualWisdom offers recommendations and automated problem resolution, providing customers with deep infrastructure visibility.”

The new VirtualWisdom release features the new Capacity Auditor, a global storage array analytic that offers a unique approach to global capacity management designed to provide app-centric insights and intelligence across hybrid infrastructure and multi-vendor data storage environments. The solution gives organizations a broad view of storage usage and trends across all storage arrays, applications, locations, physical storage assets, and costs.

Other key features of the new VirtualWisdom 6.3 release include:

Dynamic entity insights: Provides simple, intuitive, real-time information about individual elements across servers, storage and the networks that connect them to immediately reveal critical relations and vital statistics for infrastructure elements – and automatically apply your own customizable information sets.

New infrastructure integrations: The latest release includes support for Oracle’s Solaris, Red Hat KVM, and Pure Storage solutions that provide all the power of the VirtualWisdom platform to applications using infrastructure within these environments, and management of infrastructure elements that live within them.

Portable reports: New in VirtualWisdom, Portable Reports empower users to share collective insights, dashboards and reports across the VirtualWisdom community. Customers and partners can easily share best-practice monitoring reports and visualizations unique to specific environments and applications.

Application Aggregation of Operating System Metrics: Hybrid, real-time and auto-generated application views of operating system-level statistics make it easy to visualize hybrid applications that cross multiple technology boundaries in one view – including applications that span multiple virtual environments (VMware, KVM, HyperV, PowerVM) as well as physical systems.

Tim Van Ash, SVP of Products at Virtana

“Digitally transformative applications are data-driven and demand ever-increasing storage capacity, making planning for these needs critical. Point solutions to managing data sets across multiple vendor storage environments result in highly fragmented, manual and wasteful practices and resources – and can put entire applications at risk,” said Tim Van Ash, SVP of Products at Virtana. “With a fully predictive model across all underlying infrastructure, now extended with fully contextualized insight into mission-critical application storage, VirtualWisdom is the industry’s first and only global infrastructure capacity auditor and forecaster that can provide real-time visibility into mission-critical application infrastructure across environments.”

We applaud the company for improving their Hybrid Infrastructure Management and AIOps solution allowing for better Infrastructure Visibility, Simplified Capacity Forecasting, and Better Control of Infrastructure Costs.

As the digital transformation revolution continues, Virtana wants to secure its place as the “orchestra leader” of compute, storage, networking and every other element of the technology “orchestra” necessary to automate and improve an organization.

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