NQ Mobile Protects Android Phones from Malware and Viruses

Last year Roger McNamee mentioned that he doesn’t think Android hasnq-mobile.png a bright future because of the malicious apps proliferating on the platform and to his point Android malware is up over 400% with no signs of slowing down. This is where NQ Mobile’s NQ Mobile Security app comes in. I recently met with Kim Titus who described the threat as being greatest over SMS as well as in parts of the world where apps are sideloaded. He believes 10% of Android devices in fact are infected and SQL injection as well as HTML5 are further challenges to securing this mobile OS.

The company’s software available in the Android app store is being downloaded 200,000 times per day and as part of the solution, users get access to the company’s 250 security experts who break down malware and protect customers from it. I mentioned the freemium model and you do get security for free but the advanced features are paid.

Some of these features are financial security information and ensuring specially encrypted data only goes point-to-point ensuring no outside party gets access to it. In addition, paid users get privacy protection and advanced antitheft features like remote wipe, lock and alarm sounding.

The software has a novel way of providing antitheft services and the free model allows you to enter a phone number which is texted in the event of the SIM card being changed. At this point this second device can track and lock the stolen phone.

I am told big features are coming soon in version 6.2 and 7.0 including family services.

Perhaps the most important part of the discussion was when the company explained that users aren’t the customers of the software they download [for free], advertisers are.

In other words the developers making the services users are consuming are first loyal to the people paying them who are the ones advertising. This means there will always be the temptation to cross the privacy line.

None of this is news to the mobile community as software has been found to invade privacy not only on Android but iOS as well. The question is in this mobile war on privacy and security, can users ever be protected enough. NQ Mobile likes to think their software is the answer to this challenge.

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