Apple Doubles Capacity

Out of guilt — I really don’t think it is important news, I need to share with my readers that today Apple doubled the capacity of the iPhone and iPod Touch. The new 16 GB iPhone will cost $499 and 32 GB iPod Touch is $499.

The iPod Touch 8 GB model still costs $299 and the 16 GB model is $399.

Why guilt? I don’t know really. It seems that whatever Steve Jobs does must be blogged. This guy has some sort of control over bloggers and the media… It is amazing.

If I had to consider this news it would be only because it shows that Apple can do anything it wants and get away with it.

I just purchased a digital camera with an SDHC slot allowing me to expand the memory as I see fit. I have a cell phone with a MicroSDHC card which also allows me to upgrade as I like.

Apple gets away with forcing you to throw your device away if you want to upgrade. At least there will always be a use for eBay.

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