Apple Jailbreaking, Twitter and Toshiba News

For those of you in the US – please enjoy the long weekend – everyone else – enjoy the weekend – and feel free to call in sick Monday.

Here are some news stories of interest:

First off there is Dan York who finally tells us why he hasn’t blogged in a while. He has been quite busy as he explains. Then there is the fight between the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Apple – the EFF is looking to have the jailbreaking of iPhones be an exception to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act’s rules against breaking access protections. Apple says there are lots of apps out there so no need to jailbreak. The counterargument of course is if you open up, there will be more apps.

It is obvious consumers would benefit if the iPhone were to improve and the fact there are people willing to destroy their devices by jailbreaking them so they can do things like multitask seems like evidence enough that the market would be better served by allowing jailbreaking. Or perhaps the easier route is for Apple to allow multitasking and not decide which apps can get into the app store.

And if Apple isn’t feeling the pressure from the EFF, they may want to look west – to Toshiba who is gunning for the iPhone with the TG01… And what Toshiba lacks in naming creativity they make up for in pixels as this device packs a whopping 800×480 resolution screen! Memo to Toshiba, Nokia beat you to this news (and resolution) with their N800 which came out years ago and I might add it kicks the crap out of the iPhone’s graphics. Still, the product and the successor – the N810 were duds in the market. I guess the point is I will write nice things about you if you increase the resolution of your devices, but will people line up to buy a device from Toshiba because of a kick-ass screen? Stay tuned.

Then there is talk of the call center space booming. A new call center is opening in Vegas adding over 1,000 jobs to the area and this report explains there are other positive trends taking place in the market.

Finally, Twitter is in the news – they are the most talked about phenomenon of the year. I tell you, if we didn’t have a banking system filled with incompetents and politicians who spend our money like an eastern European hacker who just broke into your bank account, I think all we would hear about is Twitter. BTW have you checked out the TMC Twitter page and mine as well?

Anyway, the company has no business model and people punish them for this. Meanwhile it seems that every other person I know uses this service and if I don’t tweet for a day, I feel guilty. The sort of feeling I get when I forget to get my wife a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Whoops – hold on a sec, gotta logon to Proflowers. OK, back now.

The service has gained critical mass now and if properly managed can generate serious cash. At least that is what the investors who just put in $35 million into the company hope.

If these guys ever figure out a way to monetize their service and keep it from crashing, they will be a force to reckon with.

Signing off for now… Hope your weekends are stellar.

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