Blackberry 9000: The Real iPhone Killer?

If LG/Verizon can’t come up with an iPhone killer can RIM? Will the next Blackberry due in Q1of 2008 – the 9000 — be the real iPhone killer? Moreover as a business device will the newest Blackberry have all the best features of an iPhone (sans iTunes connectivity of course) with the best of business functionality?
Will RIM give us the ultimate consumer/business gadget? There is a lot of potential here. Remember my weekend ranting about how consumer devices are so much better than the ones business people get?
RIM has done an extremely good job lately and they are on a real tear. I have high hopes for this gadget which is rumored to have a very iPhone like 480×320 pixel screen and a faster processor than the iPhone.
In a way, Apple and RIM are in a unique position as they have the ability to monetize devices on the backend meaning that when they sell a device they will generate ancillary revenue in the form of iTunes downloads or Blackberry Enterprise Software in the case of RIM.
I suppose you could make a similar argument with Microsoft but I doubt people would buy Microsoft server software because of handheld device choices.
While on the topic, you could make an argument that Nokia too can play in this game as they are now in the mobile music business.
I for one expect huge things from the mobile device market in 2008 and I am sure Apple will have a surprise or two up its sleeve for 2008 as well. Maybe the iPhone killer will indeed come from Apple.
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  • Josh
    April 9, 2008 at 12:53 pm

    this is going to hurt BAD.

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