China and Silicon Valley Tech Policy Find Synergy

BigTech is under fire – antitrust investigations are beginning into numerous Silicon Valley companies.

Apple has been sued by app developers due to anti-competitive conduct.

Google has been fined numerous times for promoting its own apps and services over competitors.

In addition, as part of the U.S. China policy, Huawei has been shunned globally – their products cannot be purchased in the U.S. and many countries who are allied with the United States.

Huawei Рout of necessity is focusing on its own app store Рthe AppGallery which reportedly has 270 million monthly active users across 350 million phones and a community of 560,000 developers.

The irony here is the policy the U.S. has employed to thwart Huawei is strengthening a third app store and will be used by Apple and Google as proof that they don’t have a duopoly position, anyone can launch a successful app store.

How successful it will be is another matter of course but this is likely a legal strategy we will see employed in current and future litigation defense from Valley companies.


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