IT Spending Up: Thanks iPad

I’ve been using the iPad 2 consistently for about a week now and although I sense the battery life of the original tablet was greater – I find I am much more productive using this device. For example as you delete email, other emails – especially those of the HTML variety open much more quickly. This allows you to go through much more graphically intense messaging in a fixed amount of time. And this could be the reason for the battery drain as I am using the processor and wireless network that much more per minute.

Another plus is the WiFi radio seems to do a better job of finding the closest access point meaning less issues of having to turn your wireless radio on and off or rebooting to get things working right.

Obviously I am not alone in seeing a business use for tablets. As reported by Laura Stotler on TMCnet, Gartner predicts a 5.6% rise in IT spending this year – thanks to tablets like the iPad. Another article on TMCnet by Lance Whitney reminds us that the cameras on the hard-to-find iPad 2 make it even more useful to the enterprise. He goes on to cite Good Technology and Network World as sources which tell us enterprise iPad acceptance is skyrocketing.

TMCnet’s Tom Keating shows us how the iPad 2 makes a great device for enterprise – and consumer videoconferencing via Skype. Interestingly the Internet telephony software leader doesn’t even have an iPad version of their software on the market but the video quality is still acceptable.


In another TMCnet piece, Beecher Tuttle writes about how the iPad is attracting attention fom sound dock vendors like JBL and how specifically their new OnBeat device is a slick solution which would be at home on any executive’s desk. It doesn’t take that much of an imagination to picture this dock as a speakerphone – replacing an executive phone with a much better-looking solution. I can’t wait to see how Avaya’s Flare Experience will look on this tablet.

At ITEXPO, Avaya’s Christian von Reventlow explains how the Flare Experience came about

What we’re seeing here is not only growth in enterprise spending because of tablet adoption but ancillary products and services are seeing a boost as well. While we can expect Android tablets to see significant growth as well, the IT community owes a tremendous debt of gratitude  to Steve Jobs in 2011.

Despite a tumultuous number of years with global uncertainty becoming the new normal, Apple has found a way to add fuel to the information technology spending fire and many lucky hardware and software vendors are going along for the ride.

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