iTunes and User Accounts Hacked

This past weekend I covered the hacking of the iTunes App Store and it seems user accounts now have been compromised as well. Some users have seen unauthorized spending in their accounts hit $1,400 and Apple is being slow to respond to the problems but they have acknowledged it exists. Here are some details about the matter from The Next Web:

  • Apple’s only response so far has been to ask users to change their password. We have also contacted Apple and are awaiting a response.
  • The trend: buy a couple of low cost apps ($1-$3) and then one app at an extortionate price ($90+).
  • Currently all the app purchased have been owned by Asia based developers with little information known about them. Clearly they feel being based in Asia will give them immunity to any US laws.
  • The App developers are using images from the web as their app icons
  • The initial rogue developer’s have now been removed from the app store but other unethical developers still have their accounts available in the app store – details on those to come.

As I mentioned in my previous post on the matter, be sure to check your iTunes account to ensure the charges there are all legit. Still, I wonder if this incident is not being overblown as I am sure Apple will fix any overcharging that is done via fraudulent means. Sadly it seems Apple has become such a large target due to the popularity of its devices that we can expect the company to have to deal with more and more attempted break-ins.

Sadly this raises costs for the company and its customers.I should mention that we really need tougher global laws for criminals using electronic networks to commit crimes. The cost of security is becoming a major drain on personal and corporate technology budgets.

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