Mossberg iPad Video Review

Walt Mossberg has had an iPad for about a week and in a video review he points out some of the good and bad. The bad first – he points out a lack of USB ports (there is a USB dongle which works only with a camera) , no built-in camera, no send to group in email and of course no multitasking. Curiously he left out the iPad’s inability to support Adobe’s Flash. He says the device is a better ebook reader than the Kindle – in part because of a better screen and color support. He also marveled at the battery life which was 11.5 hours while playing videos and other battery-draining apps.

He also points out that the device is much more than an iPod Touch and can run office apps and it makes a pretty good general purpose computer. He suggests user interfaces will forever change as a result of this computer and he could be right. I wish he would have spent more time discussing the usefulness of the keyboard as well as whether he believes the device can really say it has a complete web browser without Flash support.

Update: PCMag does a great job with their review – in fact the review was written with the iPad’s virtual keyboard.

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