Steve Jobs, Apple IPad, Facebook and Goldman Sachs News

Steve Jobs Unveils Leave 2.0

Steve Jobs is taking his second medical leave from Apple and we should all be concerned as this tech icon is the closest thing we have to an irreplaceable entrepreneur. Many companies the size of Apple are too big to grow effectively and resort to acquisitions to fuel their increased earnings. Not so with Apple. They’ve bucked trend after trend and have developed a massive following of not just customers but competitors. Steve, good luck… I hope you get well soon. And good luck to Tim Cook who is taking over the reins once again.

iPad 2 Goes Pixel-Crazy

The new iPad looks like it will have a retina display based on esoteric hacking which discovered a graphics file of 4x the normal iPad resolution. Seems like there is a better than 90% chance the next iPad will have the same Retina display many have come to enjoy on their iPhone 4s and latest iPod Touch devices.

Goldman Pulls Facebook Investment from US

It’s my fault – sorry about that. Goldman Sachs has decided to pull US investors from the upcoming private, pre-IPO investment in Facebook. Although no US regulatory agency has ordered this move, it seems all the press attention from companies like TMC on the private deal has made it more like a public transaction which could run afoul of SEC regulations.

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