TMCnet iPhone Site Launches at

If you are an iPhone or iPod Touch user and have been wondering when… Oh when will Rich Tehrani get an iMac in the hands (we are a PC shop) of his talented development and design teams so you can take the best of TMCnet on the go? Yes, we have a mobile site already at but this is not really iPhone friendly.

Fear not – we are almost ready. Well I would say in soft Alpha really. The Interface looks good in my opinion but some pages are still not “pinchable” or expandable and there are some other formatting glitches we are working on.

There are a number of reasons for this but keep in mind we have thousands of various sites and millions of total pages. All of our various templates are being updated as you read this.

I hope you enjoy TMCnet on the iPhone. You can get to it at is already taken by our iPhone news site by the way.

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