Volcanoes, Google Censorship, Facebook and More


While the world has been awash in news regarding volcanoes and the beginning of endless probes of Goldman Sachs I decided to spend some time putting together other news you should be aware of. After all, if you are watching virtually any news channel on television or browsing news sites on the web, these are the top stories. I don’t mean to add lava to the fire but before we get started I should point your attention to Jamie Siminoff’s blog where this incredible picture of lightning meets the erupting Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajökull. By the way – did you know some of this ash is heading the US? Sorry to be the one to share the news.

But perhaps this news isn’t all bad as in Europe; many are discovering video as a solution to not being able to travel. Skype and Cisco happen to be highlighted in a story about video in the New York Times. By the way if you are stuck in London and sipping Early Grey with other real people is more your cup of tea than video you may want to download 13 temporarily free iPhone guides from Lonely Planet which are normally priced in the $10-$15 range.

If you are stranded – let’s just hope you aren’t in an increasingly large number of countries who censor Google results. The search giant says that at least 25 out of 100 countries where the company does business censors some of their results. Apparently 40 countries in total censor web content. And we aren’t talking about child pornography or pro-Nazi content being restricted… More specifically the problem is the blockage of content which blocks human rights according to Google. This is the statement in particular: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

Another way to communicate when a volcano whose name is too difficult to pronounce erupts and grounds your flights is to use social networks. And just when you thought it was safe to use Facebook, the company has decided to change its systems once again and profile interests have now been converted to Pages. If this is easy for you to understand, you may want to wander into the company’s new privacy section which Jason Kincaid explains will hurt your head. Basically the problem is that you can control your privacy in your profile but some of the information in there is still public. I imagine this means search engines can still get access to info you are trying to hide but the meaning is unclear at this point.

Oh and by the way I finally broke down and ordered an iPad 3G today (a smart move as the HP Slate seems to be just a chunky chopped up netbook) with a stand and keyboard and I hope to find something to do with it when it gets here. I will keep you posted on how useful this new Apple device is in my life and whether I even need it. Speaking of Apple, it seems the company lost a 4G phone in a bar and photos of it ended up online. I do find this a bit hard to believe so we will have to wait and see if this is a hoax. It seems Palm for its part may have to resort to giving away its phones by dropping them on floors of bars as it seems Radio Shack can’t sell the Pre or Pixi and are dropping them – ouch.

That’s some of the important news of the day… Check back later for more fun and excitement.

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