Wireless Devices, Less is More

If you don’t understand where Apple is going and shift, you are dead in the water

Finally, someone gets it. This morning I was speaking to Carl Ford about how there was a wireless phone company who spoke condescendingly about the iPhone because as they said it (albeit a while back) – they make thousands of devices while the iPhone is yet a single device.

As I have said before, having a single device really allows Apple to lower the price of their devices as volumes are higher. And the single device enlists more passion from the audience/buying community than having hundreds or thousands. Imagine what happens at 500 million iPhones.

Thankfully, Microsoft gets it and Todd Peters, the vice president of marketing for the Windows Mobile division just said “I’d rather have fewer devices and be more focused,” he said. That way “we get better integration” between phone and operating system.

Todd Peters gets it. Will other companies as well?

My prediction – you can’t have more than 20 devices worldwide and compete effectively in the mobile device market in 2015. Time to start pruning.

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