Communications Veteran Tom Evslin on Government Inefficiency


It was great to turn on TV and see Tom Evslin the VoIP and telecom visionary and veteran talking about how much waste there is in government and how much of our tax dollars were wasted in stimulus bills which purchased solar cells made in China. Obviously I was happy to see Tom, not hear the message.

The interview was based on an article Tom wrote titled Confessions of a State Stimulus Czar. It is worth pointing out that the piece gives insight into government incompetence I rail about frequently. And yet people say the government should spend and do more. How could such a disconnect exist between the reality of government and the fairy tale world so many large-government types live in?

Moreover, I never hear the left discuss how we can reduce regulation so we can more effectively compete in a global economy. Instead, they pass thousands of more regulations each year and choke off the potential for business to get done efficiently in the US.

You want to know why the jobs picture is so bleak in the US? Ask yourself when you go into the voting booth if you’ve voted for small government loving politicians or ones who keep trying to protect you by regulating you into the unemployment line.

Here is an excerpt:

  • An industrial policy based on government grants and tax credits is an oxymoron at best and a disaster at worst. As an example, tax credits for solar photovoltaic systems have stimulated the solar industry in China. The Chinese don’t install them there, they just sell them to us. More generally, these grants, tax credits and the like just mean higher-cost electricity.
  • The number of people, businesses and nonprofits dependent on government expenditures has grown. These government dependents are a huge force in both parties. Stimulus has made this problem worse.
  • The stimulus failed to keep the national unemployment rate below 8%, as had been promised. Overall, the stimulus had a negligible effect on overall unemployment, although it saved government jobs (temporarily) at the expense of private employment. Counts of “jobs created or saved” are meaningless. Jobs lost due to higher taxes, national debt or government crowding-out were not counted.

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