Nectar Services Provides Hosted Avaya VoIP, SIP Trunking

Companies in the IP communications space have never been so laser-focused on ROI as they are today. Avaya for example makes sure to mention the cost savings benefits of IP communications every chance they get. According to David Giangano President of Global Channel for Nectar Services, today’s corporations need his company to allow them to best-in-breed Avaya features on a hosted basis. And what’s not to like about hosted solutions? I’ve written endlessly about how companies are embracing SaaS solutions in this economy as such solutions allow maximal productivity benefits afforded by the latest technology without the CAPEX previously associated with such solutions.

The company has three primary solutions – a Converged Management Platform for converged monitoring, an Enterprise Session Manager which provides SBC-like security and a Hosted Telephony System discussed above which allows smaller companies to get the power of Avaya solutions without the capital expenditures.

It was good to catch up with Giangano in Florida… I met him for the first time at Nectar’s parent company Juma Technology and in the September 2007 issue of Unified Communications Magazine (PDF) I published an interview with company CTO Joe Fuccillo.

By using the company’s SIP-based trunking solutions which came to the company via the acquisition of AGN Networks they can ensure your disparate PBXs talk to one another and moreover allow them to pool trunks so your trunk to user ratios decrease dramatically. If you have five trunks at 1,000 retail branches you are paying for 5,000 trunks when perhaps a few hundred would yield the same benefits with drastically lower cost. Not surprisingly, this is the economy when many companies are realizing the wasted money they spend monthly on trunks which are hardly used.

Another area the company is seeing as ripe for growth is the teleworker market where companies are asking Nectar Services to manage their remote workers worldwide. Currently the company sells indirectly and is looking for resellers with strong voice and data experience. If you fit this description or are looking to learn more, give them a call at 888-811-VoIP.

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