Blackberry to Pay You $550 for your iPhone

The smartphone wars have gotten out of control with Blackberry paying you up to $450 to switch to the company’s devices. As you can see from the chart below, they are not messing around… There is serious money to be had here for the iPhone user that is looking to switch.






iPhone 4S

up to $90


up to $240

iPhone 5

up to $150


up to $300

iPhone 5C

up to $130


up to $280

iPhone 5S

up to $235


up to $385

iPhone 6

up to $400


up to $550


Amazon too has tried to get people to switch to the Kindle Fire phone by giving away a year of Prime service and unlimited photo storage and bundling a Kindle Fire HDX 7” for only 99 cents. The tablet alone is worth up to $160.

What this tells us is it is very tough to get people to pay attention to companies other than Apple or Samsung in the developed world and giving away money and items of value is one of the only ways left to get people to consider switching.

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