Leaked RIM Letter: Apple Nailing us, Our Apps Suck

A leaked letter from a RIM worker discusses how the company is getting beat by Apple and how its apps are sub-par. Suggestions on how the company can improve include focusing on the user experiance, recruiting senior software leaders and enable them to make critical decisions. Moreover the suggestions include cutting projects to the bone – focus more on end-users and less on carriers. The video below was used as reference.

The letter goes on to say to say there needs to be more marketing to drive consumer demand and Canadians are too nice – get rid of the dead wood and non-performers. Moreover the letter says the company shouldn’t angry at the press – they should be paranoid and humble.

It ends off by saying management needs to democratize, engage and interact with employees.

Look, I have been candid about RIM – the new Playbook is a winner – a great product and whoever came up with this device and the team behind it should be given more autonomy to remold the company in the image of this device. More importantly to ensure all products are as slick as this one.

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