RIM Quietly Shifting Strategy to HTML5


While it does seem that every company is working on an HTML5 strategy, one of the more aggressive in the space has been RIM. And while the news of the day has to do with the company replacing its Co-CEOs for a single CEO, to me what is interesting is how the company has been promoting its HTML5 strategy.

As a disclosure, my company TMC is co-producer of the DevCon5 HTML5 developer event and RIM has made a sponsoring commitment to the show for a few events in a row – where they give away Blackberry Playbook’s to developers who successfully package mobile HTML5 apps and test them on a device simulator.

The point is the company knows it is at a disadvantage in terms of having the largest platform and they realize this in turn means they will attract a proportionately smaller developer community. As a result they are looking to HTML5 developers to write apps for their platform.

It is a smart move and by giving the PlayBook to developers they ensure they are more likely to be familiar with the platform.

The world knows RIM has a lot of work ahead of it and many investors think the company should be broken up and/or sold. But regardless of whether the above happens the company has positioned itself nicely to tap into the hottest trend in software development – HTML5.

Learn about the next HTML5 Summit here – a DevCon5 Event. You can register for the RIM hackathon here. This event will be collocated with ITEXPO next week in Miami, FL.

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