Addicted to Optical Speed

Isn’t there a saying, you can never be too rich or too thin? Well in my case I obviously have given up on the "thin" part and replaced it with broadband connectivity. So I say, you can never be too rich or have too much bandwidth.

Thanks to Nortel, Comcast will soon be providing monstrous broadband speed. Using the Nortel 100G Adaptive Optical Engine (AOE), Comcast is achieving speeds of 100 Gbps. The best part of all is that the AOE allows these gargantuan speeds to be achieved (You know, I’ve always liked that word gargantuan…) while also carrying live 10G and 40G links.

To me, what is exciting is the fact that no matter how much bandwidth we get, we always seem to find great ways to use it. I just wonder what sorts of applications we will see in the future that will require such speeds.

Let’s face it… If this trend of increased bandwidth keeps up, Google may even consider adding a small graphic or two to its home page.


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