Adtran Media Event: The Final Day


Today is the last day of the Adtran media event here in Huntsville. At the moment, a number of us from the industry media are listening to a panel of Adtran engineers as well as CTO Kevin Schneider. This panel allows us an opportunity to ask questions from the most technical people — and those closest to product development, about Adtran’s products and how they compete in the market.

One thing worth pointing out is the company says they rarely run into feature deficiencies and they are quick to react if they need to add a feature. The Huntsville, AL based company seems to thrive/focus on adding value to traditional products with better features and/or service levels.

One point worth noting is that as the economy has slowed, the incumbent router vendor (hint their name is taken from San Francisco) has been called into question due to the high prices. In this environment, Adtran is seeing increased interest and RFP activity.

The company acknowledges it needs to focus more on building its brand in the hopes that as a result, it will be included in more RFPs. According to Adtran, if they get in the RFP process, they close the deal close to 70% of the time.

One interesting point is the company is working with others and internally to add video to its product suite. Responding to a question about video in the Adtran product line, Schneider responded, “Check back with us in about a year.”

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