EVDO revision A

EV-DO Revision A as a relatively new technology for wireless broadband access that will rock our worlds. For those of us who live on the road, we may not sacrifice our broadband connectivity at all. We’ll be able to do anything and everything with 3.1 Mbps downloads and 1.8 Mbps uploads. I am still not sure I’ll want to upload 100 8-megapixel photos over this connection but I am sure I won’t need to deal with WiFi hotspots ever again.

I have a rule that says if I am going to be in a location for more than an hour I will sign up for WiFi but if not I will use the current EVDO card that I have. Of course in some areas EVDO is miserably slow and there are other times when EVDO actually surpasses WiFi speed!

So any improvement to EVDO technology is a win for me and many others who aren’t tied down too often. Furthermore if EVDO is consistently faster than WiFi hotspots and hotel-based broadband connections more mobile executives will be able to justify using EVDO exclusively and thus the uptake of products based on this wireless standard will increase.

There is some great news in the market. Nortel and Sierra Wireless have achieved the industry’s first over the air test calls using EV-DO Revision A wireless technology and pre-commercial wireless data devices. The successful tests confirm the commercial viability of EV-DO Revision A for powering next-generation broadband wireless services.

Operators will be able to prioritize different users and applications, enabling tiered services and multiple pricing options. Operators also can make additional security enhancements by using authentication mechanisms that can identify users and give specific access rights based on the user’s profile.

“Given the tremendous success and momentum of 1xEV-DO, Nortel has embarked on an aggressive program to deliver 1xEV-DO Rev A,” said Richard Lowe, President, Mobility and Converged Core Networks at Nortel. “Nortel’s DO Rev A technology will allow operators to serve more customers on the same spectrum while delivering VoIP and other advanced multimedia services that enhance the end user’s experience and increase subscriber loyalty.”

So for the mobile warriors out there, today is a great day. We may not be able to travel less but at least we will be able to stay connected wherever we go.

  • David
    December 2, 2008 at 9:31 am

    your information is ok,so, i’d like to know how many connection can we have per serction at both rev a and 0??

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