Hotel Broadband Issues

One of the most maddening parts of traveling for me has to be finding hotels which have adequate bandwidth. Generally you have to learn the good properties from bad via trial and error. For those of us used to continuous and fast broadband access, having to wait for a computer to respond due to poor hotel connectivity is frustrating beyond belief. In this economy, many of us need to be more productive than ever and often work efficiency is directly related to speed of information access.

But when you think you have nailed it and found the hotel which offers the absolute best connectivity, you are often disappointed when a technical trade show comes to town and that fat pipe seems to clog pretty quickly. Especially telecom shows where it seems everyone goes to their room and downloads the Library of Congress at night.

Is there anything worse than realizing your connection is so slow, you have time to catch the evening view between email downloads?


I recently came across a post from Andy Abramson which discusses his experiences with hotels and broadband speed. He has some good tips for the road warrior as well. He closes with hotels which have good bandwidth. To his list I would like to add the Palms in Las Vegas and the Dallas and Orlando Gaylord Hotels. I am sure there are more I could add but to date I haven’t really kept a good list.

Las Vegas Palms Hotel


Feel free to add your good and bad hotel bandwidth comments at the bottom of this post and maybe together we can prevent that next road warrior from a frustrating night of playing hurry up and wait with their laptops.

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