Napatech Achieves Next Speed Milestone: 320 Gbps


Network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) provide solutions for lots of markets such as mobile analytics, backhaul and others. In backhaul applications, the traffic is tunneled in order to provide confidentiality. In many cases when you need to get access to this data, software is too slow when running on generic servers. In order to speed the process up, Napatech provides hardware which takes this data and makes it readable by utilizing application specific multicore chips in order to provide throughput which is up to 16x faster than traditional alternatives.

Basically you are using hardware acceleration to speed up the software. As you can see from this picture, using up to eight Napatech NT40E3-4 cards (pictured) in a server you are able to get an aggregate throughput of 320 Gbps. This new card was announced at MWC 2014 and it will be released in May, 2014.

Going forward Napatech tells me they are in a continuous speed game with more links and higher rates on each. The company thinks they are better than the competition because they provide better intelligence to the software – serving it up on a “silver platter.”

Napatech says they will not drop a single packet no matter what you throw at them according to Daniel Joseph Barry and Erik Norup, company representitives pictured above.


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