New Edge Networks Providing MPLS Service over DSL, T1 and EVDO


I recently had a chance to sit down with Greg Griffiths the VP of Sales at New Edge Networks to learn more about how the company is helping customers by providing the latest MPLS technology over DSL, T1 and 3G wireless. One of the focus areas for the company is retail where this division of EarthLink has helped these companies transition from dial-up to broadband. One of the impressive parts of our discussion what the company does when it senses a problem with a company’s connection. What they do is create a trouble ticket, update the web portal and send an email alerting the customer to the problem… All this is done proactively before the customer notices in some cases.

The following is the result of our part in-person and part email interview:


Please give an overview of your company

New Edge is the business services arm of EarthLink. Our mission is to provide affordable, innovative network services with a high level of personalized care to foster life-long customer relationships. 

A key advantage for New Edge is the breadth of our network. We have network to network (NNI) interfaces in nearly every U.S LATA which allows us to build private MPLS networks using a blend of T1, DSL, and EVDO. 

We are headquartered in Vancouver, Washington (just across the river from Portland, Oregon) and currently employ over 300.

How has your company transformed over the years?

New Edge was one of a handful of companies (Covad, Northpoint, etc..) that built out central offices across the country to sell internet access. New Edge chose a different path to market as it built out in smaller cities and focused only on the business market. New Edge distributed products via wholesale relationships and to this day continues to provide out of region DSL products to the largest carriers in North America.

Over the lat six years, New Edge has transformed into a leading provider of Private MPLS networks through a series of network build outs and product innovations:

  • A network build-out branded as “Bigfoot” increased the number of central offices with private connectivity from 800 to over 10,000
  • MPLS core upgrade
  • NNI bandwidth upgrades and redundancy
  • Direct connects into credit card processors and ASP’s
  • MPLS router infrastructure
  • MPLS over DSL
  • MyEdge management portal 

Last year we received three product awards:

  • Frost and Sullivan service of the year (MPLS DSL with CoS)
  • Frost and Sullivan best customer portal
  • NPRG most innovative competitive carrier

What about the EarthLink acquisition… What has that done for the company?

EarthLink provided the network investment and operational expertise necessary to develop the products and services that align with today’s marketplace.

Tell me about how your company serves retail markets

Over the last five years, New Edge has helped hundreds of “small box” retailers migrate for dial-up to IP networks. A private MPLS network with direct connections into payment processors allows for a more secure transaction environment and positions the retailer for deploying real time applications. Our management portal (MyEdge) allows a retailer to manage their end of the network in a much more efficient manner which saves precious IT resource. Today, we are proposing solutions to “big box” retailers as they look to reduce expense by purchasing MPLS networks with a blend of DSL and T1 access.

How can your company help customers in this tough economy?

Companies are coming to New Edge to reduce expenses by migrating to MPLS networking using a blend of DSL, T1, and EVDO. This includes primary and secondary network solutions.

Please describe the details and benefits of your MPLS network

Detailed information is available on our Web site; however, primary areas of differentiation are as follows:
  1. Private versus Internet based VPN aligns with today’s real time application deployment and security concerns
  2. One size does not fit all. Being able to choose the best access solution (T1, DSL, EVDO) site by site reduces expense
  3. We offer a number of options for design, configuration, and installation of the network
  4. We become an extension of our customers IT department by providing innovative tools (MyEdge management portal) and resources (we assign a project manager, technician, and account manager to each network)

How does EVDO factor into your solution?

EVDO can be chosen as a primary network element or a secondary (back-up) solution. Either option is “private” and part of the overall network context.


What’s next for the company?

We will continue to listen to our customers and design solutions that make it easier for them to keep up with the growing demand for IP based applications. Our recent announcement on our voice connect product is another example of an innovative way to deliver a better solution. This product allows our customers to pick (not unlike the old days of a long distance carrier PIC) their VoIP provider.

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