New TMCnet Record and New Writer

Thanks to our readers — once again, TMCnet has hit a new record. In this case, we built a Global Online Community in conjunction with Interactive Intelligence and this community generated just under 600,000 page views in one month according to Webtrends, a company which measures web traffic.

As you might imagine, this is a staggering number of pages to be viewed in a month and after TMCnet, this number represents the most page views in a month out of all competitive sites worldwide. This is according to third party web measurement sites like Quantcast.

In other words a single community built on TMCnet outproduced any other single competitive site in total.

As I have promised before, as we grow we will ensure the quantity and quality of TMCnet articles and as such we recently added Rick Bye as a columnist. He wrote his first piece last week in fact.

Bye is a senior segment marketing manager with Zarlink and is responsible for leading the company’s residential gateway and consumer voice products development. He has 21 years experience in the semiconductor industry, holding strategic leadership positions with Texas Instruments, Broadcom and most recently, D2 Technologies

Expect Bye to cover the evolution of broadband.

This is in addition to Bob Emmerson who was also recently added as TMCnet European Editor.

As always we appreciate our sponsors, readers and I personally appreciate the TMC team who keeps all of our properties humming on all cylinders.

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