Volubill Updates Charging and Policy Solutions at MWC2013

Volubill the “converged charging and policy” company brought their solutions up to date at Mobile World Congress 2013 with the introduction of 4G LTE solutions. One of the interesting differentiators the company provides is allowing carriers to personalize virtually anything. For example, customer Orange Madagascar recently launched 18 new packages and will soon launch another 14. Each took 15 minutes to configure, test and deploy. Examples of such packages could be gaming or even Spotify where a users could have unlimited Spotify minutes included in their bundle.

Another area of growth is WiFi-offload where carriers can use the company’s solutions to provide tracking of these minutes. Moreover the company also allows carriers to deal with EU regulations coming in July of 2014 related to local break-out which means carriers in a local country will be able to become the customer’s predominant carrier while the user is in their jurisdiction.


In other words if you have a carrier in the UK, when you get to Paris, you will be able to choose from any wireless carrier in the country you just entered. Currently all data traffic is funneled back to the carrier in the users home-area. John Aalbers the company’s CEO (above) explains that carriers have now started to offer inexpensive daily roaming packages to roaming customers to eliminate bill shock and possibly make this new law a non-issue.

Volubill’s solutions will enable local carriers to track and bill these temporary customers.

John says the company is about connecting the revenue model of its customers with usage models. In other words they are trying to line up the value provided with revenue charged. “The goal here is to provide the right service with the right quality at the right price,” he says. The company hopes to be at the center of helping wireless carriers provide future services in a profitable manner.


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