[24]7.ai Engagement Cloud Integrates the Best of Digital and Voice for Customer Interactions

[24]7.ai has been building a truly unique customer interaction company over the past two decades, quietly and under the radar while attracting very large customers. They have acquired many of the best pieces you would want if you were looking to build an integrated solution for companies to provide superior customer support and interactions. They bought the important parts of TellMe Networks from Microsoft in 2012- TellMe was one of the first companies to figure out how to do speech recognition at scale over telco quality networks.

They had the technology in the dotcom days that we take for granted in our interactions with Alexa and Siri today. Obviously not at the same level but really darn good. Other acquisitions include IntelliResponse, Campajna and Voxify, giving [24]7.ai assets allowing them to be at the forefront of social shopping and contact center automation.

Now, they offer a blended solution of human/BPO solutions combined with AI – chatbots.

[24]7.ai VP Corporate Communications Ian Bain

According to VP Corporate Communications Ian Bain, the company’s new Engagement Cloud allows customers to access all of their “applications” via the cloud. He said, “They are all integrated and we have provided self-service tools allowing a FAQ bot to be developed quickly.” Continuing, “You can transfer it to a conversational bot, you can connect your voice and digital journeys.”

The [24]7.ai Engagement Cloud includes the following services, which may be activated separately:

  • [24]7 Answers – With [24]7 Answers, businesses can not only provide a search experience but also turn an FAQ into a conversational system within seconds, deployed as either a bot experience or search experience.
  • [24]7 Assist – Designed by agents, for agents, this agent console integrates AI and human insights to handle both synchronous and asynchronous conversations. With asynchronous messaging, conversations can be routed to a specific agent. A key capability, the Lead Console, enables team leads to perform key monitoring tasks and take corrective actions in real-time.
  • [24]7 Active Share – Through Active Share, visual sharing may be added to enable agents to provide rich interactive visual content in card form for customers to see something or understand how they work.
  • [24]7 Conversations – Built on the [24]7 AIVA conversational AI technology, Conversations is designed for multi-turn and transactional digital and voice conversations. A new enterprise-grade conversation builder enables rapid deployment of conversational journeys, usually within days.
  • [24]7 Journey Analytics – Journey Analytics provides insights into customer journeys in order to optimize service and sales journies and improve customer experience with visual root cause analysis
  • [24]7 Target – Using the power of big data and machine learning, Target delivers highly personalized content and creative across multiple devices and channels, in real time, to improve ad engagement and conversation lift.
  • [24]7 Voices – Using the power of natural language, businesses can use Voices receive calls and automate responses to reduce contact center load.
  • Platform Services – Underpinning the entire Engagement Cloud, Platform Services include an intent discovery tool, which uploads conversations between agents and customers and uses deep learning algorithms to quickly provide insights into customers’ top intents, in order to determine which journeys to automate. An intuitive dual interface AI model management environment enables analysts and data scientists to fine-tune conversational models.
Rohan Ganeson, Chief Operating Officer at [24]7.ai

Some of the benefits of the solution consist of an integrated architecture and AI tools that allow experts and non-experts to learn customer intents and tune natural language models to improve performance. Engagement Cloud supports both synchronous and asynchronous messaging and integrates with all leading messaging applications, including Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages, and WhatsApp. 

[24]7 AIVA (conversational AI engine) uses the advanced and proven techniques to understand intent and learn from every interaction. AIVA powers voice interactions with Voice Biometrics and Neural Text-To-Speech. AIVA can also integrate with models from IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, and Google TensorFlow through open APIs.

“Engagement Cloud is the culmination of more than 20 years of customer service experience, established, enterprise-grade products, and AI innovation to deliver a game-changing platform” said Rohan Ganeson, Chief Operating Officer at [24]7.ai. “With this update, we not only provide a solution for businesses to rapidly roll out service and sales automation and processes, but also provide a platform for system integrators to build CX practices that delivers value to multiple clients.”

Rich Tehrani is CEO of RT Advisors and a Registered Representative with and offering securities through Four Points Capital Partners LLC (Four Points) (Member FINRA/SIPC). RT Advisors is not owned by Four Points.


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