Applango Uses AI to Reduce Call Center Turnover and Customer Churn

AI can be used in numerous fields and we find its application in the medical space to be extraordinary as it can help spot tumors and when caught early, hopefully, aid in keeping the patient healthy. Similarly, AI can be applied to your business and big problems are a great place for it to prove itself.

Millions of call center agents resign each year and they cost many thousands to replace. Using round numbers – five million agents quitting annually and $5,000 in training costs and it’s a $25 billion problem.

Applango uses its algorithms to scour through data such as breaks, call logs, etc. looking for signals which could signal the worker is less engaged. The call center management then has time to intervene and hopefully save the worker.

Applango says it saves 45% of agent replacements which, as you can imagine can mean a great deal of savings for your contact center.

Similarly – this tech can be applied to customers and has saved companies millions of dollars in churn. The accuracy is greater than 70% and can be used to call proactively to reduce a flood of incoming calls to your contact center with cancellations.

In short, AI is changing everything from health to business and in the case of Applango… The health of your business.

Rich Tehrani is CEO of RT Advisors and a Registered Representative with and offering securities through Four Points Capital Partners LLC (Four Points) (Member FINRA/SIPC). RT Advisors is not owned by Four Points.

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