Genesys Buys Informiam

Genesys– once called Genesys Labs is one of the companies at the head of the CTI (computer-telephony-integration) revolution of the nineties. Often referred to as a middleware company, Genesys always seemed to fight the designation. In reality, Genesys was just so good at connecting call centers consisting of disparate equipment; they never entirely shook this “middleware” reputation.
Eventually acquired by Alcatel and later merged with Lucent to form Alcatel-Lucent the company became a smaller part of a large parent.
Until today, the Genesys division has been quiet for a company of its size. This is not unusual in such situations but today the company made an acquisition which may signal more moves to come.
Genesys purchased Informiam a company focusing on reporting and analytics. The company takes real time analytics and converts it to actionable information which in turn enables the company’s “dynamic contact center vision.”
It is likely this move is partially in response to the Aspect PerformanceEdge announcement from September of this year.
I would think that if the company has enough clout to get its giant parent to condone this purchase, they will likely be doing more than just purchasing a single company. I feel we will be seeing more breaking news from Genesys in the upcoming quarters and years.
For more on this news be sure to listen to this Genesys conference call from earlier today as well as the presentation in PDF.

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