Journey Launches Secure, Private Contact Center Platform Which Preserves Customer Experience

Last summer we broke the news on adding identity and trust to the contact center. The company has just released its solution and shortened its name to Journey while simultaneously broadening its solution and partners.

The company has a new way to verify customer identity and secure digital customer interactions using an award-winning and patent-pending “Zero Knowledge” network-based approach. It is the first and only platform that solves for privacy, security, and customer experience simultaneously, which unlocks huge improvements in customer satisfaction, fraud prevention, and major operational and cost efficiencies for businesses.

The cryptographic concept called Zero Knowledge is central to Journey’s solution is it allows an individual to prove something to be true without revealing the details. Journey brings this technique to agent-caller interactions leveraging the customer’s smartphone and the existing enterprise mobile app to make it possible to request, verify, and share sensitive details, from a Social Security Number to a credit card payment, with the agent only ever seeing a pass/fail on their screen.

Because no sensitive personal information ever actually travels to or is seen by, an agent or the contact center infrastructure, the customer’s data and privacy is highly protected. In addition, the enterprise saves millions on fraud prevention, regulatory compliance and time previously wasted on establishing identity in old-fashioned ways that weren’t all that secure to begin with and irritated customers and agents alike.

During the pandemic – where so many contact center agents cannot properly social distance at work, this solution provides the security required for agents to work from home while meeting regulatory compliance mandates.

The company’s solution eliminates that risk and cuts at least one minute out of the average call, but this varies significantly depending on the type of interaction. For example, a new account creation at a financial institution can take days or weeks with significant back and forth. By contrast, Journey’s solution enables that same account to be opened in less than 5 minutes because the platform and Zero Knowledge network enable identity verification, document verification, digital signatures, and payment processing all in the same interaction.

In the contact center, life and in business, time is money. This becomes crystal clear in organizations paying dozens, hundreds or thousands of agents. Just as importantly, time is money for customers and typically, higher-valued customers are more stingy with their time.

Journey’s Trusted Identity Platform is flexible and easy to deploy. Businesses who have invested in identity point solutions are able to easily integrate them onto Journey’s platform, thereby supercharging them with Zero Knowledge capabilities and allowing strategic usage of those capabilities where needed. Journey’s platform can be deployed with or without an enterprise mobile app, solving critical business needs from trusted identity to Zero-Knowledge agent-customer interactions and transactions.

Journey CEO Brett Shockley

“Verified identity is at the core of a Trusted Digital Relationship between a business and their customers, yet it has been, for the most part, a broken process. Companies waste a customer’s time with a lot of silly questions that provide little security, broadly expose their data to contact center agents, copy their data into databases that are honeypots for hackers, and spend millions of dollars on a patchwork quilt of technology and process Band-Aids,” says Journey CEO Brett Shockley. “We took a step back and fundamentally rethought the approach, inventing a Zero Knowledge network solution that cares for a customer’s information while making it simple to use it to deliver a highly personalized and streamlined customer experience throughout the customer journey lifecycle.”

Brett has been passionate about “solving the identity problem,” as he explained it to me some years back and he and his company have made significant progress so far.

For example, the solution allows a user to authenticate via the camera on their smartphone where a 3-D face map is made. By doing this, even if a someone’s iPhone pin code and device is stolen, the thief cannot gain access to their account.

Journey’s solution provides a broad array of operational and economic benefits, including:

  • 99.98% reduction in synthetic fraud, upending hacker economics
  • Saving 30 – 120 seconds per call
  • Saving at least $1 per call
  • Increasing outbound right-party connect rates by up to 10x
  • Enabling secure work from anywhere agents allowing flexible staffing models proven to increase retention rates
  • Easy integration with existing identity, payment & transaction tools
  • All-in savings on compliance, fraud, time, and operational efficiency can mean saving up to $25,000 per agent, per year.
Alex Shockley, President and co-founder of Journey

My optimistic view on the world is that we will eventually get to a point where identity credentials like a social security number, have no value without proof of ownership of that credential. And so you’re starting to get to the point that services like Journey’s are so ubiquitous that you can never just go type in a social security number and use that to perform anything unless you can also match that you’re the owner of that credential. The cats out of the bag – all of our information right now so the only way to move forward is to change what is accepted as any level of representation that I am who I claim to be.

Alex Shockley, President and co-founder of Journey

Journey’s Trusted Identity Platform the winner of its Best of Enterprise Connect and Best Innovation in Customer Experience awards, which recognize major innovations that will have a significant impact on customer service and experience.

Journey has strong market traction already, with over a dozen top Contact Center platform, integrator, reseller and technology partners successfully selling Journey’s Identity solutions into customers in financial services, business process outsourcing, retail and more.

Here are some examples of how the system works in practice:

Document Signing
Social Security Number Verification
Transfer of Trust

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