Mexican Call Centers Will Steal Jobs Thanks to Deported Workers

We’d like to start this post by mentioning we aren’t taking any politician position – only pointing out that Mexico will use new workers who are deported from the U.S. to steal jobs from American workers. In other words, the jobs will go with the talent in many cases and unless we add a tariff to phone calls, they will be able to easily interact with U.S. consumers and business just fine.

It’s just one facet of a complex problem worth considering. For more, this article has some interesting thoughts such as this:

“That’s a huge pool of talent for us,” said Joe Andere, executive vice-president of Americas Survey Company (ASC), which with its sister company, Voxcentrix, has 450 call center stations in Tijuana. “We’re looking for people at the moment. All the companies are.”

Employing native English speakers who understand US culture gives Mexican call centers an edge over rivals in India and the Philippines in a competitive, billion-dollar global industry.

Call centers in Tijuana already employ thousands of people deported under former US president Barack Obama’s administration. They do market research, sales and technical support for companies such as McDonald’s Corp, Coca-Cola Co and Toyota Motor Corp. Their English can be so fluent and idiomatic that customers assume they are in the US.

Luis Vargas Salazar, 53, a former marine deported in 2014 after 51 years in the US, is due to start a call center job this week.

“I aced the tests,” he said. “I scored so high on all the English exams they signed me up straight away.”

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