New NovelVox Agent Desktop and CTI Connector for Cisco Call Manager

For over 11 years, NovelVox has developed flexible and optimized Contact Center Agent Desktops and Wallboards for Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, and Five9. They have an extensive library of Cisco Finesse integrations with solutions for more than 70 applications and the Novelvox Cisco Finesse Gadget Designer is a drag-and-drop Finesse gadget designer, empowering companies to create their perfect agent environments.

Last November, our colleague Maurice Nagle broke the news on the company’s enhanced WFM solution. At the time he wrote, ” The NovelVox Mobile Agent is easily integrated with CRM, ticketing, WFM, ERP or any application leveraging an open API framework. Whether staring at a desktop or tablet, the agent can take advantage of a unified single screen that can be customized for your industry needs.”

The company just Introduced the CTI Connector and Unified Agent Desktop for Cisco Call Manager (CUCM). These personalized telephony solutions are focussed on improved agents’ performance and caller experience.

Agents now have access to customer information and call management essentials on one single desktop screen. As a result, they can focus more on customer conversation instead of switching applications.

The company claims an improvement of 15-20 seconds as a result of not needing to toggle screens and collect information. Seamless integration with over 70, 3rd party applications empowers agents with caller’s details even before answering the call.

As a result, businesses are sure to deliver a personalized experience with reduced Average Handle Time (AHT). To make every conversation a success, agents are equipped with Pre-built Gadgets such as Knowledge Base and Agent Scripting Tool. This makes agents appear more knowledgeable and confident to win the caller’s trust and resolve issues at the earliest, thereby improving First Call Resolution (FCR). Further, the agent desktop for CUCM offers an optimized and industry-specific interface for the agent’s comfort.

Whereas, NovelVox CTI Connector for CUCM is embedded in the CRM application to offer personalized telephony solutions for improved caller experience. Here, the agent is equipped with required customer information as a screen pop of details even before answering the call. There are more features that empower agents to focus on creating an exceptional caller experience, such as click-to-dial feature. It significantly saves agents’ time by avoiding the need for manual dialing since it converts numbers into clickable links. Also, the smart dialing feature configures overcall prefix and suffix irrespective of agent and caller country code. With the importance of inter-team communication in mind, NovelVox has introduced a phonebook (Global/Company/Agent) within the connector to equip agents with instant support to handle calls efficiently.

NovelVox CEO, Amit Gandhi

NovelVox CEO, Amit Gandhi states, “NovelVox has pioneered the art of delivering exceptional caller experience with technology and UCM integration with CRM is another step in this direction. We are focused on creating solutions that save agents crucial time lost in logging, swapping screen to fetch customer information, manual dialing of numbers or placing customer, on hold for long, etc. Our agent desktop and CTI connector for Cisco Unified Manager has all these features to enhance the agent’s performance and deliver high-quality caller experience. We want the agents to make the most from CUCM.

In summary, NovelVox Agent Desktop and CTI Connector for Cisco Call Manager is a scalable and manageable contact center solution for IP telephony that simplifies and improves communication—further transforming workspaces to retain agents by optimizing their performance.

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