Will Call Center Gamification Increase Productivity?


Recently I had a chance to speak with Oscar Giraldo and Ariel Cordiviola Palaia the CPO of Arcaris regarding his company’s new contact center performance management software named PLAYCALL arcaris-playcall-widget.pngwhich “gamifies” performance allowing agents to see how their performance ranks among others at the company. By utilizing KPIs set by the company, a worker can see their progress or lack thereof and can react accordingly. The company says its system will reduce turnover and it even has a widget which agents can look at to see progress.

Agents can also communicate with their supervisor and receive awards based on achievement. There is also e-learning integration which means there is now an additional motivation to learn and do well on the associated quizzes. The goal here is to get competition going among the team and as a byproduct boost productivity of the whole operation.

PLAYCALL is new and the company has high expectations. they are further looking for funding, a VP of Marketing, VP of Sales and VP of engineering. There is potential here – some of these features are contained in other workforce management solutions of course but the pure-play focus will likely attract the attention of call center decision-makers looking to boost productivity by trying something new and innovative.

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