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Why I’m Almost Able to Recommend You Ditch iPhone E-mail for Boxer

The Boxer email client for iOS may be one of the better productivity tools you will find as it is
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Moped 2.0 Blends Social, Messaging and Cloud Storage

There are a plethora of apps to communicate but precious few bubble up to the top. Quite often a company
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Yahoo! Should Buy Waze

If you haven’t checked out the TMCnet feature by Josh Alexander about companies Yahoo! should purchase, please do… I’ll wait.
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NextPrinciples Looks to Simplify Social Customer Interactions

Love it or hate it, social media has to be embraced by companies who are interested in communicating with their
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Has the SEC killed the Press Release?

Has the SEC just signed the death warrant for the press release market? Possibly. Standard operating procedure today is to
Read More Reduces IM Islands with HTML5

With the billions of messages sent each year it is tough to come to the conclusion that messaging is broken
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Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and Google: France’s War With US Tech Firms

Ten years ago the people of France had to deal with a major challenge – English tech words were beginning
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IPgallery Helps Carriers Become Social Hub and More

Communications service providers once the center of the customer’s world have awoken to the new reality – social and apps
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Comverse Gets Social at MWC2013

Comverse showed me their Share solution at Mobile World Congress 2013 which allows carriers to deliver a Facebook app giving
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Verizon MiFi and Boingo Indispensable

Some time back Verizon Wireless sent me a MiFi device to test and I have used it as a long-term
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