Dialogic and Cisco Round Out Day’s NFV News

It’s been a busy week regarding NFV and the software telco (R)evolution. First off Dialogic had some solid thoughts on six of the network elements ripe for NFV – they are routers, SBCs, media servers, softswitches, signaling nodes and DPI/WAN acceleration solutions – it is worth pointing out that on this last area the company’s Jim Machi says they are a “maybe”. You can read his thoughts for the details.


Cisco had some news in the space as well. The company’s Kelly Ahuja SVP, GM, Mobility Business Group spent about an hour discussing the impact of NFV on the company’s business. The bottom line is Cisco expects the move to software to be less lucrative but the flipside is they expect to expand their business into many other areas as part of the carrier transition to software on COTS servers utilizing network functions virtualization.

The financial analysts on the call showed they really understand Cisco’s product line and moreover they are far more technical than many might have thought.

Bottom line – while NFV was developed in-part to allow many smaller players to provide carrier solutions, companies like Cisco have no plans of ceding the market and will develop organic solutions and make acquisitions as needed to grow market share as this new space emerges.

Some of the slides from the presentation follow.




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