Cloud Cruiser Azure Support Boosts Cloud Savings

Hybrid clouds are gaining momentum causing organizations to question whether they are allocating their compute resources as effectively as possible. One solution to this problem is provided by Cloud Cruiser who announced today they now support Microsoft Azure meaning companies can now compare this platform to Azure Pack and others to determine which is better for their particular applications.

In a conversation with Dave Zabrowski, the Founder & CEO he told me his company’s solution allows an organization to keep workloads in the lowest-cost location. He says, their Hybrid IT Cost Advisor makes recommendations taking into account real estate, energy, the cost of the various hardware and more.

I asked about other factors which may influence a company’s choice besides cost and he mentioned compliance, SLA requirements, uptime performance and latency. He went on to say you can use these factors to determine which vendors can be whitelisted as approved vendors depending on the particular application or industry.

In the charts below you can see the difference between using in-house and public cloud based Microsoft resources to run your virtual machines. You can determine the savings of using one over another and make this determination based on various workloads such as website, SQL Server and VMs.

See monthly comparisons of the cost of running applications on the various machines in your hybrid environment

See cost savings associated with running your applications in various locations

In conclusion, Cloud Cruiser presents yet another tool to corporations who are looking to maximize their cloud spend. You can continuously evaluate various clouds, looking for the lowest-cost solution for your particular application. The web’s democratization of pricing which is being spread widely from industry to industry has truly come to the cloud.

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