GENBAND Kandy Goes Public at Ruby Skye

Last night, GENBAND hosted a gala premiere at Ruby Skye in San Francisco for its official Kandy launch – the transitional solution from the communications hardware company which positions them as a seller of cloud-solutions. The point of the event was two-fold… Establish the brand Kandy into the minds of attendees who consisted of the media, analysts, customers and partners and also to show off the partner ecosystem which is beginning to flourish.


The company seemed to nail it on both parts – the extravagant event was not inexpensive and it was choreographed perfectly. Many attendees told me they couldn’t believe the investment. To me, this shows the importance of Kandy to the company.

At one point in fact CEO David Walsh took the stage and explained that Kandy was in development for over a year but the company didn’t release it until it was ready.


There were numerous demos… Some focused on ecommerce and collaboration as well as screen-sharing. My favorite however was Toy Genius where I witnessed a remote-agent interacting with a potential customer. She was then able to push promotional videos of products she thought the customer would be interested in to a tablet. At that point she could even fast forward the videos as needed and even add items to the customer’s cart. Doug Mohney covered Toy Genius recently – it’s worth a read.


At the same kiosk there was a medical demo (pictured above) which prompted the patient to place their finger in a  device which checked pulse and blood-oxygen levels. From there it used AI to ask questions from the patient and if needed started a two-way conversation with a medical practitioner. The medical person could also push videos – instructional ones to show the  patient how a drug might interact in the body or even show a procedure which the patient should engage in at home.

GENBAND obviously has high hopes for Kandy and the event was certainly more evidence of this fact. Now it is up to the ecosystem. We’ll see how it develops and expends the company’s communications vision in new and exciting ways.

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