ParkMyCloud Significantly Reduces Cloud Cost with RightSizing

Cloud bloat and cost overruns are a significant issue for organizations who have multiple departments and divisions using disparate cloud services with no management in place. Using ParkMyCloud, enterprises can reduce their spend by up to 75% with data-driven optimization.

We asked founder Jay Chapel for specific examples dollar signs instead of percentages – knowing quite often companies don’t want their specific names released in the news for numerous reasons.

He shared the following:

  • A global fast-food chain is managing 3,500+ resources in ParkMyCloud and saving more than $200,000 per month on their AWS and Azure cloud spend.
  • A global registry software company has saved more than $2.3 million on their AWS cloud spend since signing up for ParkMyCloud – an ROI of 6,173%.
  • A global consumer goods company with 200+ ParkMyCloud users saves more than $100,000 per month on their AWS and Azure cloud spend.

ParkMyCloud data shows that 95% of resources under the platform’s management are operating at less than 50% average CPU, showing patterns of significant underutilization and overprovisioning. Moving a virtual machine size down one tier will save 50%. Many instances are so overprovisioned that changes by two or more tiers make more sense, allowing for 75% or higher savings. Users can also save money by modernizing instances. The cloud providers incentivize instance modernization by pricing the newest generations the lowest.

RightSizing joins ParkMyCloud’s “parking” functionality, which automatically schedules non-production cloud resources, such as those used for development, testing, staging, and QA, to turn off when they’re not needed. With a typical schedule that parks a resource for 12 hours each night and on weekends, users can save 65% of the cost of their resources. Combined with rightsizing, this means that an average cloud user is poised to reduce overall costs in their cloud environment from 50-80% or more.

“Not only can rightsizing provide significant savings, but it takes the burden of tedious and murky decisions off the shoulders of users,” said Jay. “The real advantage for enterprise cloud users is automation.”

The company currently offers a 2-week trial if you have more interest.


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