Broadsoft Acquires Casabi

TMC’s Juliana Kenny wrote a piece yesterday titled Broadsoft Acquires Casabi, Rumor or No? which points to a piece written by TMCnet blogger Peter Radizeski breaking the story on Broadsoft acquiring Casabi.

The company just confirmed the deal and had this to say:

Today BroadSoft signed a definitive agreement to acquire Casabi, a provider of cloud-based content and messaging applications for the consumer market, for approximately $1.95 million. Casabi’s hosted application enables family members to stay organized through SMS and by sending group text messages to any phone number (fixed-line or mobile), access voicemail, make real-time updates to a family calendar and share a network address book.

 Key aspects of the acquisition:

·      Comcast works with Casabi to develop and deliver consumer-friendly communications services to Xfinity customers, and this acquisition will build upon those customer efforts.

·      Enables telecom service providers to broaden consumer services to include fixed-line SMS and personalized information services, in turn reducing churn, enhancing customer satisfaction and monetizing new revenue streams.

·      The Casabi acquisition builds upon BroadSoft’s SaaS offerings, which began with the acquisition of PacketSmart in late 2009.

As SMS is a very hot space this deal makes sense. Moreover, Broadsoft has a much better chance of monetizing this product because it can sell a collaborative solution which is bundled with a suite of services. And the price tag makes the deal easily digestible and will likely turn the suite of services into features which make up the company’s existing solutions.

Peter points out that this will likely come up at the Broadsoft Connections conference on the 24th in Phoenix. I am looking forward to hearing more.

You can read more in a follow-up piece from Juliana titled: BroadSoft, Casabi Acquisition Rumor True.Enhanced by Zemanta

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