Odin Telesystems Update

It has been a while since I met with executives from Odin Telesystems but it all came back to me when I sat down a week ago with company

President & CEO Hanz Johansson to discuss his company’s DSP resource solutions which can act as gateways, transcoding devices and PBX building-blocks when coupled with the right software like Asterisk.

I first met the company at a trade show in New York in the mid-nineties and followed up later that year by going to the company’s Texas HQ to learn about how they play in the space. At the time, Odin was a relatively new entrant into the US and they were going up against high-flying Dialogic, NMS and Brooktrout – three companies who have been subsequently merged with a bunch more companies added in such as Snowshore, Excel etc.

Odin fell off my personal radar for a few years and I saw them at Supercomm show many years back but didn’t speak with them there. Then they showed up at ITEXPO recently (I think it was Miami this past January where I saw them) but I didn’t get a chance to speak with anyone there either.

Catching up with Hans was like a trip down memory lane which reminded me of the mid-nineties when I was really innocent – not aware of the impending bubble and bust (rinse, repeat) cycle coming my way.

Getting back to Odin though the company has cards small enough to go into laptops all the way up to a line of PBXs. Generally Odin has cards with more horsepower than a Sangoma or Digium card – more akin to the power of Aculab or Dialogic products. There are also a line of Alvis appliances which can be as small as an access point or reside in a rack mount chassis.

TMC’s Erik Linask interviewed Hanz Johansson last week and you can see the details below. Enjoy.


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