NY to Boston $29 Wow!

Travelzoo just sent an email telling the world that JetBlue has fares from Boston to New York City for an amazing $29. Greyhound, the nation’s leading bus company costs $20 for the same trip. You need to book quickly to get this deal though.

Granted, on the bus you don’t get the same humiliating body and cavity searches you do when you fly – but hey, at least traveling by plane means missing the various “bus-borne” aromas which may remind you of a locker room or the less memorable parts of your college days.

I think the falling price of oil will be good for those of us traveling to ITEXPO Feb 2-4 in Miami. I did a quick search and found direct flights cost just $127 from New York! This is the lowest fare I have ever seen to Florida. From San Francisco it costs just $193.

These may be the lowest faires I have ever seen for travel. Now is a great time to book your tickets for ITEXPO.

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