Where On Earth is Rich Tehrani?

I have been in 30 minute meetings throughout the two days I have been at VoiceCon and will be doing the same at CTIA which I travel to tomorrow. In between meetings I scrambled to find nourishment and potentially a restroom. Why did I do this? Well dear readers, I do it for you… I am trying to stay on top of the entire market – meet with all the important companies and report back.

I have met with Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, Tandberg, NEC, Digium, Calabrio, AVST, EasyRun and many others. I took lots of notes and hope to turn each meeting into an article and/or blog entry as time permits.

In the mean time I am off to a surprise party for someone – I can’t tell you who yet but it should be a good one. More to come.

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