WYDE Voice Debuts Better Conferencing Solution

A new product was just announced today and I cannot be more excited as it shows innovation is very alive and well in communications.

WYDE Voice is a new start-up venture backed by Free Conferencing Corp. founder and CEO David Erickson… The company just launched the industrys first real-time voice conferencing appliances that support 16-bit, 16 kHz voice quality.

The solution offers service providers and enterprises the capability to deliver a broad range of affordable, high-quality audio conferencing solutions.

New models are available now with pricing for the VM1000 model starting at $160/port and $140/port for the VM3000. The boxes have the ability to be controlled via SIP and there is an API available for third-party developers.

While I think this is great news for the industry, I hope users understand what a leap forward this is in technology. Traditional conference bridges for lack of a better word, stink.

They stink because they generally use PSTN quality and don’t attempt to improve on this decades-old technology. Let’s hope this new advance changes conference calling for the better. When you think about it, conference calls are really where quality phone calls make the most sense to have.

I do need to point out you need end devices which are able to take advantage of these new frequencies. I will leave it to the company to explain what devices they interoperate with but theoretically a SIP soft client should do the trick for users at computers and possibly on smart phones.

I wish the company good luck.

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