Apple Email Swings Back at Galaxy S4


For Apple, this past week has got to have been the biggest nightmare the company has faced in well over a decade. Cupertino went from being on top of the world in the eighties to crashing in the nineties to soaring over the past decade as the company became synonymous with the mobile revolution. Samsung has been improving its Galaxy S line and the latest iteration, the S4 actually had as much hoopla around its introduction as an Apple event.

Finally there is a mobile competitor to Apple which can generate as much buzz around a product launch.

In response, Apple sent an e-mail to its database touting the benefits of the iPhone 5 starting with winning the J.D. Power award for customer satisfaction eight years in a row. From there the email goes into detail about perhaps the biggest external difference between it and the new Samsung Galaxy S4… It reminds the reader of the iPhone 5’s sleek aluminum enclosure which is more like a fine watch than a smartphone. My colleague Tony Rizzo certainly would agree – he is no fan of the Samsung plastic case. The Korean company for its part is quick to point out the technological achievement it has attained with this new phone – implying its more important to worry about what’s inside than outside. A side benefit of course is you can change the battery.

The next point the e-mail makes is the Retina Display as it explains the iPhone “ushered in the era of super-high-resolution displays.” While this is true, the Galaxy S4 has thee same resolution as an HDTV – it seems like we need to call a truce to the pixel wars as we are beyond the limit of what our eyes can discern.

The next benefit the email touts is the iPhone 5 has great battery life without a great big battery. It seems this statement is only accurate if you don’t use the phone that often. This is the equivalent of a car company touting a three-ton truck with a V-12 6.0 liter engine as being a fuel-efficient vehicle.

The rest of the email talks about the camera, processor, 4G-LTE support, Siri, iOS and iCloud but it seems to smack of desperation. The iPhone 5 is a great phone – Apple has screwed up by not making it larger – we are also sick of complaining about this. It’s it is a solid device which has a huge PR problem primarily becasue Samsung is on a roll coming out with great devices in a variety of sizes. Although many in the press such as Rizzo aren’t impressed by the Galaxy S4, the average person on the street is talking about this new phone that can sense your finger hovering over it and can respond to the position of your face.

Apple has a problem on its hands and needs to pick up the pace of innovation while understanding the market may want a phone form factor it didn’t invent.

The email points to a web page with similar information titled There’s iPhone And then there’s everything else if you are interested in reading it for yourself.

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